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City of Decatur Alabama Parks & Recreation

The City of Decatur, Alabama Parks and Recreation purchased the new Turf Tank Intelligent One Robot back in March of 2018. We were the first to have purchased one in the state of Alabama and so I wanted to share the benefits of this machine with our friends in parks & recreation, school systems or any other sports related organizations. I have no doubt whatsoever that this product will save you money on time, paint, manpower and provide your sports field crews more time to focus on dirt work and field prep.

Like most of you, we have typically utilized a multi-man crew in the past to measure, string and paint our sports fields throughout the entire year. Here in Decatur, we maintain 51 sports fields, so our setup and painting can be a huge task that takes a lot of time and manpower. I would like to share with you the cost savings we are seeing now by using the robot vs. what we spent previously on soccer and football.


Previously… 15 gallons of 50/50 mix (7.5 gallons of paint) would paint 2 full size soccer fields – we used a 3-man crew if we painted with one paint machine and a 4-man crew if we used two machines – took 30-45 minutes to paint one full size, possible 1 hour if starting from scratch.

Robot Paint Machine… 4.5 gallons of mix paints 2 full size soccer fields (we are mixing 1.25 gallons of paint and 7.75 water to make 9 gallons of mix) – Takes one man to paint the fields and 26 minutes to paint one field.

Summary… The City of Decatur is using 6.875 gallons less paint for 2 soccer fields, 2-3 less men in labor dollars and productivity while saving anywhere from 4 to 34 minutes per field.



Previously… 20 gallons of 50/50 mix (10 gallons of paint) to paint one field (not including numbers) – we would use 2 paint machines and 5-man crew, and it would take about 3 hours to paint.

Robot Paint Machine… 5 gallons of mix to paint one football field (1.25 gallons of paint and 7.75 water to make 9 gallons of mix) – takes one man to paint the field in 1.25 hours.

Summary… The City of Decatur is using 9.30 gallons less paint for one football field, 4 less men in labor dollars and productivity while saving 1.75 hours painting time.

Obviously, everyone paints fields with different paint rates, various numbers of crew and time –  but there is clearly a huge cost savings. I know these numbers may seem unbelievable and I was skeptical myself, but we have been using this machine since March and these are OUR numbers. We are estimating a savings of $20,000 in just paint cost – not including manpower time savings and less time correcting mistakes. The paint is lasting after multiple mowing longer than the paint we used previously, even with the increased dilution rates. We like it so much, we plan to buy a second machine this fall.

I think it will be worth your time to check out this machine that will save you money and time. No more crooked lines, needing to train new guys how to paint fields, repairing mistakes, measuring fields, pulling strings, pushing paint machines or training someone how to use a riding paint machine AND your current staff has more time to do other things including field prep work and attention to detail. Field painting has come a long way!

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call and I will be happy to answer any questions!

Paul B. Floyd, CPRP

Facilities & Operations Manager

Parks & Recreation

City of Decatur, Alabama

(256) 341-4760 (off)

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