One robot. more business

As a contractor, your focus is to complete more contracts and generate profits.
But line marking is a time-consuming task and speed can negatively impact accuracy.
Turf Tank ONE is the line marking solution that combines both efficiency and perfect precision.

Paint 7x faster

So you can fit in more contracts in the same amount of time and increase profits.

Gain more time

Set up a plan in just 10 minutes. Let the robot do the time-consuming task of line marking, while you focus on other duties.

100% accuracy

Offer high quality work, so your customers know you are a professional and recommend you to others

Increase revenue

Generate more money with an efficient line marking solution

How it works

1. Set up the base station

Forget about pulling strings and pushing the line marker around the field. The base station uses advanced GPS technology which maps, and measures the fields to ensure a centimeter-level accuracy. Show professionalism with your high-quality work.






2. Manage the fields for all your customers on one screen

Use the intuitive app to create plans for all your customers’ fields in just 10 minutes. Offer services for all types of fields: football, rugby, baseball, American football and many more or customize the layouts to fit the particular needs of your customers.






3. Start

The robot will drive straight to the starting point and begin painting. Due to its autonomous design, you can save time by completing other tasks while the robot paints the fields.







With Turf Tank ONE you can cover all types of sports fields. 45 different field types and more than 10,000 combinations,

More business opportunities

With the current challenges, you can help your community, while also generating more business opportunities. Offer your customers new services: draw social distancing circles that keep people safe during public events.






Multiple forces  = more contracts at the same time

Use multiple robots to complete multiple fields in the same time frame

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