Engineered for Excellence.


Transform your line marking process with automation for easier, faster field painting. Reclaim hundreds of hours annually to dedicate to often-overlooked tasks, and enhance your facility’s overall quality.


Upgraded Sprayer Module: Designed for easy removal, facilitating quick and ergonomic nozzle changes.

Increased Capacity: Now fits a 5.5-gallon paint jug.

Improved Access: Streamlined and ergonomic access to both the battery and paint jug.

Advanced Wheel Design: Newly developed for enhanced grip and superior traction.

Convenient Battery Compartment: Redesigned for rapid and easy battery swaps.

Turf Tank Two robot being shown from a bird view


Transform your line marking operations and gain control over hundreds of hours each year. With a simple setup, the robot autonomously handles the painting, delivering not just impeccable lines but also freeing up your schedule. This enables you to concentrate on other crucial tasks within your facility.

Add paint, select the layout, and press start

Streamline your workflow and allocate time to additional responsibilities

Elevate the standard of your facilities

Adapt to schedule changes effortlessly – Turf Tank enables quick and flexible field setup in just minutes

Turf Tank Two robot being shown from a bird view


Experience the power of the Turf Tank Two with user-friendly software, all controlled through a tablet. The software’s visual layout editor is remarkably intuitive, allowing you to add and modify lines with ease, providing total flexibility for field layouts. Help is always at hand with in-app guides and an accessible help center.

Drag & Drop editor – Simplify the placement of field layouts

Total Line Control: Customize every aspect of your field according to your specifications

Paint usage estimator – see how much paint your layouts requires

Offline mode – Operate your Turf Tank effortlessly, even in areas with limited internet connectivity