Engineered for Excellence.


Automate your line marking procedure and paint your pitches more efficiently and swiftly than ever. Save hundreds of hours annually to concentrate more on tasks that typically get overlooked, enhancing the quality of your facility.


Enhanced sprayer module with straightforward removal for an effortless and ergonomic nozzle change.

Space for a 20 litres paint tin.

Straightforward and ergonomic access to the battery & paint tin.

New wheel design for enhanced grip and traction.

Easily accessible compartment for swift battery exchange.

Turf Tank Two robot being shown from a bird view


Revolutionise line marking and save innumerable hours each year. Simply initialise the robot and let it handle the painting for you. As the robot operates, you will not only achieve flawless lines, but you will also gain the time to redirect your focus on other critical tasks around your premises.

Pop in your paint, select your pitch layout and press start!

Enhance efficiency & liberate your time for other duties.

Enhance the overall standard of your facilities.

Unexpected alterations in your timetable? No issue, with Turf Tank you have the flexibility to establish pitches in mere minutes.

Turf Tank Two robot being shown from a bird view


Unleash the Turf Tank Two and take command of the entire pitch marking process using just a tablet. The intuitive visual layout editor allows you to easily add new lines, dash lines, and provides you with 100% flexibility when laying out your pitches. Assistance is always at hand, with in-app guides and the help center conveniently accessible right at your fingertips.

Drag & Drop editor – for effortless positioning of your pitch layouts.

Control every single line in your layout – your pitches, your rules.

Paint estimate – see how much paint your layouts requires.

Offline mode – facilitates the use of your Turf Tank even in areas with limited internet connection.