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The main reason why I started looking around at autonomous markers, was because it makes everything more consistent, more professional.
University of Leeds
David Thackray
Head Groundsperson
We're dealing with an establishment where people are investing a lot of money sending their kids to a private school which excels in all areas of education on and off the pitch. So, I want to make sure that the pitches reflect that level of expectation and matches the desire to improve year on year. The robot brings a quality of performance and reliability that we expect.
Eton College
Lee Marshallsay
Grounds Manager
The Turf tank has been a great addition to our fleet of equipment. We are able to mark out the pitches with much greater accuracy, and our initial marking is much, much quicker.
Guildford Borough
Jonathan Quirk
Team Leader for the sports team
The Turf Tank robot I really like because it's moved us to another level of professionalism. It's accurate. It's very easy to use. The all round quality of the place has improved.
Aston University
Marc Peters
Ground Maintenance Supervisor
With the traditional way of marking pitches, there was a lot of time wasted. Today we've marked five pitches, which would have taken our staff three-four days. With the robot, we've done that in an afternoon! It's the future of line marking!
Bromsgrove School
Richard Hare
Head Groundsperson
As soon as it started marking I was like "Wow, this is brilliant". It's very, very accurate and every time it goes out it is spot on, every time. It's very simple to use and it saves us a hell of a lot of time: It gives us time to do any of the other jobs that we need to do, the machine can look after itself.
Nottingham Forest FC
Matt Tietjen
Academy Head Groundsman
Wow! What a fantastic machine the Turf Tank is! Just 25 minutes and we’ve turned this greenfield here into a beautiful, white-lined pitch. And those lines: really crisp and bright.
Jimmy The Mower
I can send my son Liam off to another site, and he can be cutting, and I can take the Turf Tank with me and the tractor to cut as well. I cut one pitch at the training ground and set the Turf Tank off on the other one. I’m then cutting while that’s doing its work, we finish at similar times, and I set it off on the pitch I’ve cut and by the time I’ve packed my trailer up it’s ready to go. It’s like having another staff member with me, and in total, I’d say it’s saving us 20 to 25 hours a week on line-marking time.
NW Pitch Maintenance
Andy O’Sullivan
I’ve been very pleased with how accurate it’s been. I mark eight football pitches for a league, and they get marked every week, and I’ve gone back in and overmarked them, and it hasn’t missed a beat. Each pitch takes 20 minutes, and the accuracy is always spot on.
Countrywide Grounds, UK
Wayne Middleton
The machine marked out a full-size pitch in 25 minutes whereas it would take me at least double that just over marking an existing pitch. So, being able to save that time and go off and get other work done is a significant benefit.
Finborough School, Suffolk
Rory Ferguson
Head Groundsman
The Turf Tank GPS paint robot will change the sports field line marking industry forever. This technology allowed our sports turf crews to finish their regular assignments and special projects that we would not have been able to complete in the past. We believe this is the future for our industry and recommend the robot without hesitation.
Baton Rouge Parks & Recreation
Geoff Sanders
Assistant Director
TURF TANK ONE is the product that only becomes better the more you use it. In the past we used our conventional setup, which required 5 skilled groundsmen and 3 weeks of work, with a total expense of more than $25,000. Thanks to Turf Tank ONE, all the work is now handled by one groundsman in only 4 weeks. And the total expense now equals $7,000!
Hedensted Municipality
Per Holm
Simple, easy to use, impressed with how quickly we were able to get things up and going and get fields painted today.
Commonwealth Soccer Club, Kentucky
Dr. Craig Schroeder
Director of Operations