From small sports societies and secondary schools to leading universities and professional teams, thousands of organisations across the globe are saving time and money by painting their pitches with Turf Tank!


"If we get requested on a Monday morning at nine o’clock we’ll have a pitch there for Monday morning at 11 o’clock."
Matthew Binns
Grounds Foreman
"One guy can actually set the Turf Tank up, mow a couple of pitches and then have the Turf Tank literally mark directly behind."
Peter Bullimore
Sport and Sutton Bonington Operations Manager
"I think if you look outside the box, you can really make some money from this machine."
Trevor Wayborn
Head Groundsman
"The main reason why I started looking around at autonomous markers, was because it makes everything more consistent, more professional."
University of Leeds logo
David Thackray
Head Groundsperson
"The robot brings a quality of performance and reliability that we expect."
Eton College logo, posted by Turf Tank
Lee Marshallsay
Grounds Manager
"The Turf tank has been a great addition to our fleet of equipment. We are able to mark out the pitches with much greater accuracy, and our initial marking is much, much quicker."
Guilford Borough logo, posted by Turf Tank
Jonathan Quirk
Team Leader for the sports team