Turf Tank customer stories

From small sports clubs and high schools to major colleges and professional teams, hundreds of organizations all around the world save time and money painting their fields with Turf Tank!

Three things I like most about the Turf Tank is number one, how easy it is to use. Number two, how straight the lines are. And number three, just the professional look that the Turf Tank brings to all of our facilities.
Bowling Green High School
Matt Chance
Activities Director
At a major university, the brightness, the straightness, everything matters and definitely doesn’t go unnoticed with the Turf Tank. It’s been phenomenal for us.
Duke University
Ian Christie
Labor right now is the hardest thing to come across finding good people that are willing to do the work and they’re willing to do it with pride.
Pleasant Dale Park District
Tony Cavazos
Superintendent of Parks and Facilities
It’s 90 degrees outside. You can go stand in the shade instead of being out there pushing the paint around, carrying those templates, dripping all over the field.
Lincoln Community High School, IL
Jeff Jording
It’s a great piece to have. It saves so much money. And so much time.
Hoopeston High School
Tim Walsh
Director of Buildings and Grounds
What we liked most about our Turf Tank robot, and what we have got the most compliments on is the accuracy and the line, the straightness of it.
St Joseph School District
Casey Housman
Coordinator of Maintenance and Warehousing
My staff is more productive now than back when we didn’t have a Turf Tank.
Alexander City
Brian Riddle
Parks and Rec Maintenance Superintendent
Previous to Turf Tank, we would pull strings on every single line every single week. Now with Turf Tank, our preparation is so much easier. We go from having a crew of five people to just having two people painting with two different Turf Tanks. So we’re able to be much, much more efficient. And that allows us to do other things during preparation that we weren’t able to do before.
Maryland SoccerPlex
Jerad Minnick
Director of the Sports Turf Institute
Turf Tank was the best option for us as far as combining resources and being able to multitask on the job.
Botetourt County
Wayne Carter
Athletic Field Manager
The best thing about the Turf Tank robot is the amount of time that it saves us. Not just myself, but for all the coaches.
St. Cloud High School
Bryan Smart
Athletic Director
With Turf Tank anything is possible. Me and my team, we thought it would be just a great salute to the 4th July fireworks.