Turf Tank customers stories

From small sports clubs and high schools to major colleges and professional teams, hundreds of organizations all around the world save time and money painting their fields with Turf Tank!

The lines are crisp, they’re bright, they’re straight: it really makes people feel like they’re on a professional playing field when they come to our site.

City of Round Rock Texas

Brian Stillman -

Sports Facilities and Operations Manager

“This robot has been a lifesaver! I can just let the robot do its job, while it opens up time for me to get the athletes prepared for the next game. It has been amazing being able to get the field dragged and prepared without feeling rushed. On a tournament weekends, it is easy to say it saves us about 4-5 hours! “

The University of Texas at El Paso

Camilla Carrera

Assistant Coach

The cost savings over a year are tremendous! Where it used to take two people anywhere from 32 hours a week of painting, it’s been reduced now with the Turf Tank to only 20 hours. The customer service has been so friendly, so helpful, so responsive, helping us get things done on a short time notice.

Darlington School, GA

Kevin Allen -

Grounds Manager

I recommend them highly: Turf Tank saved me! The robot does a marvelous, amazing job lining the fields. Perfectly straight lines, and the players love it!

Gorges Classic Soccer Tournament

Ibe Jonah

Tournament Director

With the blank grass field, we can paint an entire 11v11 soccer field in about 30 minutes. And just one person doing by itself, using the GPS. We mow twice a week and we have to actually paint every single week every field. Great cost savings for us!

City of Westfield, IN

The Turf Tank ONE has freed our field crew to spend more time improving the turf, all at the same time continue delivering precision quality field marking on our sports fields, tasks that had previously monopolized our daily work schedules.

University of Rhode Island

Brian Boesch

Manager, Turf Grass & Athletic Grounds

Simple, easy to use, impressed with how quickly we were able to get things up and going and get fields painted today. Commonwealth Soccer Club, Kentucky

Commonwealth Soccer Club, KY

No more crooked lines, needing to train new guys how to paint fields, repairing mistakes, measuring fields, pulling strings, pushing paint machines or training someone how to use a riding paint machine AND your current staff has more time to do other things including field prep work and attention to detail. Field painting has come a long way!

City of Decatur

The Turf Tank GPS paint robot will change the sports field line marking industry forever. This technology allowed our sports turf crews to finish their regular assignments and special projects that we would not have been able to complete in the past. We believe this is the future for our industry and recommend the robot without hesitation.

Baton Rouge Parks & Recreation

Geoff Sanders

Assistant Director

Hillsborough County SportsPlex

This is not gonna replace anybody, not gonna take anybody’s place. We’re using it as a tool to help our guys be more efficient with the work they are already doing.

City of Springdale Arkansas

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