From small sports clubs and high schools to major colleges and professional teams, hundreds of organizations all around the world save time and money painting their fields with Turf Tank!


We’ve saved thousands of dollars on paint alone.
MiraCosta College logo, by Turf Tank
Picture of Turf Tank customer Wendell Fullwood from MiraCosta College
Wendell Fullwood
District Ground Supervisor
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"One day I painted five fields in a day with the Turf Tank before lunch."
City Of Chula Vista Logo by Turf Tank
Picture of Turf Tank customer Dave Tabler from Chula Vista
Dave Tabler
Venue Manager
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"I can get the job done in less than three hours for football, and in less than an hour for soccer. Compared to eight o’clock to six o’clock during the football season."
San Pedro Pirates Logo, By Turf Tank
Picture of Turf Tank customer Anthony Rogosic from San Pedro
Anthony Rogosic
Athletic Director
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"I would highly recommend the robot to other USL clubs. It makes you a more professional organization. When you can lay out your fields that look like a pro club. It sets you apart from other clubs in your area."
Picture of Turf Tank customer Eric Sims from Tampa Bay United
Eric Sims
Chief Operating Officer
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"Once I saw it demoed, it made so much sense to me, and what a huge time savings it was going to be because when it came down to it, the time savings was really everything."
30A Lacrosse Logo