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The lines are crisp, they’re bright, they’re straight: it really makes people feel like they’re on a professional playing field when they come to our site.
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Brian Stillman - Sports facilities & operations manager

City of Round Rock (TX), Round Rock Multipurpose Complex

Turf Tank paints perfect lines for Gorges Classic Soccer
I recommend them highly: Turf Tank saved me! The robot does a marvelous, amazing job lining the fields. Perfectly straight lines, and the players love it!

Ibe Jonah - Tournament Director

Gorges Classic Soccer Tournament

Turf Tank customer - Darlington School, Rome, GA
“The cost savings over a year are tremendous! Where it used to take two people anywhere from 32 hours a week of painting, it’s been reduced now with the Turf Tank to only 20 hours. The customer service has been so friendly, so helpful, so responsive, helping us get things done on a short time notice. ”
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Kevin Allen, Grounds Manager

Darlington School, GA

With limited time, increasing workloads and the growing number of sports fields at Gillette Stadium, Turf Tank Robot has built measurable efficiencies into our overall turf management operations

Jason Stone, senior director of operations

Kraft Sports and Entertainment

Seldom do we see a piece of equipment that will revolutionize our programs and services. Gone are the days of employees pulling strings, unwinding measuring tapes or remembering the Pythagorean Theorem. The Turf Tank truly is a game-changer and will pay huge dividends for our department for years to come.
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Aaron Hobson, the associate director for the department of recreational sports

University of Florida

City of Denton Turf Tank Customer testimonial
Considerable time savings and it only requires one person during the day to paint all the fields. Normally it would take 4-5 guys and an entire week to lay down all the soccer fields. I did 7 fields yesterday by myself after lunch.

Robert Mann, Heavy Equipment Operator

City of Denton

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A fantastic product and fantastic staff.
Instead of us being here at 11.30 at night before a game, we’re able to feed our kids supper, we’re able to send our coaches home to their families and increase their quality of life. Let them spend time with their own kids and wives. That is important to me as a leader of our program along with the head coaches of other programs in the school. We want to increase the quality of lives of our coaches while being efficient.
Jeff Davis - Turf Tank customer

Lance Helton, Head Football Coach

Jeff Davis High School

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We can easily go from a lacrosse field to a soccer field, to a field hockey field. The robot is really user friendly, it is really easy to go from one size field to another. We see extreme savings: 50% on paint costs and men saving hours have been tremendous. It was a very valuable purchase and it will continue to save us money the more we use it!

Premier Sports Campus, Lakewood Ranch FL

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It does an amazing job. Most user-friendly piece of tech I’ve ever seen. The quality of lines, perfect straight lines, perfect corners, perfect circles. We are saving time and getting more productive than ever.

Athletic field supervisor

City of Springdale Arkansas

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It’s a great tool to use. You get this software, you just push a couple of buttons and it’s good to go. It’s pretty easy if you know how to use a tab, it’s like copy & paste on your computer.

Longview School District WA

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We are not as worn out as we used to be and we have more energy to continue the day.

Alyssa Anderson, President

S.P.O.R.T.S. Youth Soccer in Fishers

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I’m actually shocked! We have saved a lot of manpower, a lot of time. We used to pull strings, used to take us weeks. With the robot, the quality is very good, very straight lines. And once it is set, it’s set for life. You don’t have to do it again next time you use it. The robot, the app, the base station – very easy to use.

City of Alexandria

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What used to take 2 h now takes 40 mins. With this new tool, with the number of sports fields we have to paint and frequency we do this, this robot is an opportunity for us to save a significant amount of time and we will be able to better care for their fields.

UF RecSports

It helps our employees be more efficient while painting our sports fields. They can keep doing other things.

City of Springdale Arkansas


Hillsborough County SportsPlex

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The Turf Tank GPS paint robot will change the sports field line marking industry forever. This technology allowed our sports turf crews to finish their regular assignments and special projects that we would not have been able to complete in the past. We believe this is the future for our industry and recommend the robot without hesitation.
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Geoff Sanders, Assistant Director

Baton Rouge Parks & Recreation

The Turf Tank ONE has freed our field crew to spend more time improving the turf, all at the same time continue delivering precision quality field marking on our sports fields, tasks that had previously monopolized our daily work schedules.

Brian Boesch, Manager, Turf Grass & Athletic Grounds

University of Rhode Island

Football Catersville
I think it is an advancement in technology moreso for the quality of the life for coaches. Traditional line marking means hours and hours spent painting football fields and our coaches could have a greater quality of life than just pushing a paint can or pulling lines. Turf Tank One is truly a great deal!

Cartersville High School

This is the piece of technology that I see could change how we, as high-school coaches paint a football field. Just to be able to get a field done while we’re doing other things in the coaching office, plus saving time, saving paint, saving man-hours is pretty impressive.

Bishop England High School in Charleston, SC

No more crooked lines, needing to train new guys how to paint fields, repairing mistakes, measuring fields, pulling strings, pushing paint machines or training someone how to use a riding paint machine AND your current staff has more time to do other things including field prep work and attention to detail. Field painting has come a long way!

Facilities & Operations Manager

City of Decatur, AL

Simple, easy to use, impressed with how quickly we were able to get things up and going and get fields painted today.

Commonwealth Soccer Club, Kentucky

It will pay for itself in the first year and the savings will continue.

City of Westfield, IN