Custom field stencils

Forget about traditional field stencils!
With an autonomous line marking robot, you can paint anything you want easier than ever!

Save time

Draw numbers, letters or logos faster on your field

Maximize productivity

Eliminate the need for manual painting

Advertising opportunities

Generate revenue by painting sponsor's name

Ultimate sports experience

Offer your spectators a great show

Custom logos

Unique solutions for your field. Boost your team’s identity and give your fans the ultimate sports experience with custom logos!




Special events field stencils

Turf Tank can paint custom logos or messages for special events.

Custom social distancing stencils

Protect participants at events with social distancing zones. No need for field stencils. Just set their dimensions and distance and let the robot paint!

Football field stencils

Paint all lines on your football fields faster and easier than ever with the Turf Tank field painting robot.

Football hash marks stencils

No need for manual measurements and stencils. The Turf Tank robot paints your football hash marks in no time.

Football Field Number Stencil

Yes! The Turf Tank robot can also paint football field numbers without any stencils!

Football Endzone letters stencil

Paint your team’s name in the endzone with robot-created enzone letters.

 Solutions tailored for you

Our team can design unique solutions for your field. Contact us for more information