line marking robot

Line marking has never been easier!

We revolutionize the sports field line marking industry. Forget about traditional marking techniques, walking with strings all over the field, doing manual measurements and pushing the line marker. With Turf Tank ONE – patented line marking robot, you can paint any sports field easier, faster, and more efficient.


Draw precise lines with an accuracy of +/- 0.3″ for initial marking and overmarking.


Turf Tank One easily measures, maps the field and draws the lines 7x faster than traditional line marking.

Long battery life

Perform at least four full-sized 11v11 soccer fields in one go due to our lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 650 Wh.

High Performance

Increased precision on natural grass, artificial turf surfaces, dirt. The robot can handle even the roughest surfaces with its two strong, individually powered brushless motors.

Low paint consumption

The smart, low-pressure paint pump/nozzle set-up reduces the paint consumption with 50%.

Custom Layouts

Customize the settings to fit the specific layout and sizes of your field. 

Easy to set up

Easily set up the robot with the intuitive smart application

High-quality paint

Draw perfectly straight lines with our long-lasting and vibrant paint, available in all colors.

Easy setup with our line marking tablet

With our smart tablet and its intuitive app you can control the robot and manage the line marking process easier than ever. No more strings and measurements done by hand. Control everything with just one screen.

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Maximum precision

Turf Tank can draw precise lines with an accuracy of +/- 0.3″ every time, due to its advanced GPS system. It memorizes all locations and route planes from the initial marking, making over-marking 100% accurate.

Initial marking

Initial marking doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task.  No need to waste energy on manual measurements, pulling strings and pushing the line marker. With an autonomous design, the Turf Tank ONE does everything faster and makes your job easier.


Save the setup from the initial marking and reuse it for future overmarkings. The tablet will remember the size, layout and locations to ensure 100% accuracy.

Turf Tank ONE Specifications

Due to its robust build, the Turf Tank ONE robot has a high performance on even the roughest surfaces, delivering perfect accuracy every time.

Weight132 lbs (60kg)
Battery operation time4 h
Paint capacity 5 gal (20L)

Certified Robot  Stripe Paint

Turf Tank offers revolutionary paint product lines from the nation’s leading certified paint manufacturers in the sports field industry. Read more about our ready-to-use line marking paint.

Field marking paint

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