Our mission is to make the job easier for turf managers all around the world.

At Turf Tank we understand: line marking can be a challenging task when done manually. You have to put in a lot of hours with a team of several people, pulling strings, doing manual measurements, and pushing the line marking machine.  Despite all your efforts and attention to detail, the job can often end with crooked lines. That is why we created the Turf Tank ONE – your teammate on the field that will make line marking for you easier than ever!

The newest and most advanced technology in line marking – say hello to the Turf Tank ONE robot

For as long as humans have played sports, there’s been a need for playing fields. Was the ball out or was it in? Did the player reach the end zone or were they tackled just before? From where exactly should the penalty kick be taken when playing soccer? Whether it is kids using their shirts as bases when playing softball or the biggest games drawing in thousands of spectators marking the field is essential. That is why we developed the Turf Tank ONE robot line marker capable of painting fields for lacrosse, football, soccer, baseball and many others.

Remember the old machines used for line marking? Two wheels and a handlebar, they were pushed by hand applying the paint either from wheel transfer or belt. It’s hard work, takes ages and the lines may not even be that accurate.

The old line markers were first developed for tennis. They were small and used gravity or wheel pressure to apply the paint. Spinning the wheel, white powder would fall to the ground laying loosely on top of the grass. It wouldn’t stay there long and typically had to be done before each game.

Next came more sophisticated machines using a spray system. Sometimes they were mounted on small garden tractors with the brush or nozzles placed below. A big step forward from the old machines. And yet, still they had to operated by a person with accuracy depending on how well the field is measured beforehand and the skills of operating the machine.

Now there is something even better when laying out the lines for sports fields: the Turf Tank ONE robot. It is the result of years of developing machines for line marking and combines all the best features. It’s faster than using a hand-pushed machine and with its state-of-the-art GPS system it’s much more precise. There is no need either to measure out all the lines before applying the paint. Using the Turf Tank ONE app, the robot can be programmed to draw any pattern desirable.

And it’s not just its accuracy which is better than traditional line marking. The spray system and quality of the paint are too, so that each coat of paint lasts longer saving on time and paint.


Our company is growing, and we want to keep it that way. With staff in Denmark, the US and the UK we want to make sure that the best technology in line marking is available to paint amazing sports fields all over the world.

Our Danish HQ is in North Denmark. Innovation, research and development, design and world-leading discoveries are deeply rooted in the history and culture of Denmark. Denmark offers a highly educated workforce. At Turf Tank, we are proud to call some of the best and the brightest in engineering, code developing, software design, sale and marketing for our employees!

Here’s a fun fact you may not know: One of the first prototypes for the Turf Tank ONE line marking robot was built with LEGO® – another great Danish invention. Several years later, the Turf Tank ONE is now considered cutting-edge when it comes to using robots to paint accurate lines on sports fields.

We also love sports. We know how important it is that each line on the field is accurate and looks great.

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