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Line Marking at MiraCosta College

MiraCosta College is a community college located in California, known for their highly successful transfer rates, degrees, career planning, and skill building. The students at MiraCosta rave about their professors and the personal attention they receive, both in the class, but also through extracurricular activities.


To offer the best for their Spartans, the staff at MiraCosta strive to maintain the main athletic field of their campus in excellent condition. However, the process of manual marking proved to be laborious, creating a lot of time pressure for the grounds crew.


The college started investigating alternatives, and so in the winter of 2022 they decided to adopt robotic line marking solutions and brought on board a Turf Tank robot.

Considerable savings

Wendell Fullwood is the District Ground Supervisor for MiraCosta College, who supervises the sports fields landscape. When asked how they got the Turf Tank on their team, Wendell explains it started with a lot of skepticism:

“Originally I saw the robot and we thought it was more of an interesting thing to have. We looked at it and weren’t really sure how that would work. But a few years went by, and we were having issues with the amount of time it takes to our crew to string the field.”

But with the workload and time pressure that started to accumulate in time, they decided to give the robot a second chance. So they arranged a demo to see the robot live on their fields, and that’s when they realized the true benefits of having a Turf Tank:

The robot basically sold itself. It performed exceptionally. It was very impressive.

Wendell Fullwood, District Ground Supervisor

But apart from the initial impression of the accuracy, they sat down and compared the numbers, and realized what huge savings the robot could bring.

Painting 3 soccer fields

Manual marking
16 man-hours
Manual Marker icon
Turf Tank
Less than 4 hours just the robot painting

“We thought about the time savings after seeing the demo. We realized basically we could, in the first year, way more than recoup any discomfort just for the labor portion. Just for paying somebody to have to stripe the field.”

Wendell is happy they decided to go the autonomous road, as the robot proved to be a real asset to their team, which completely transformed the way they painted their fields.

We’ve saved thousands of dollars on paint alone.

Wendell Fullwood, District Ground Supervisor

A guys filling his turf tank robot up with new paint

Effortless line marking

For their main field they have the largest regulation size international soccer field. And at the two ends of the field they added two practice fields.

Jeff Jones is one of the Gardener Groundskeepers at MiraCosta College, who uses the robot to paint the campus’ soccer field. He chips into the story and draws a comparison in the time he needed in the past to paint the field versus now, with the robot.

It saved us a ton of time. With the robot, I could paint all three of these fields in less than four hours. Easy.

Jeff Jones Gardener Groundskeeper

“I used to have to string this field myself. It took me two days, from having to measure this and find the center and, you know, put all the marks down and then string it. And then on top of that, we’d have to staple the string down because of the depressions in the field.”

Strings & manual measurements
Time wasted on cleaning the machine
Manual Marker icon
Turf Tank
2-minutes setup in the tablet
5-minutes flush with water

Not only can they finish the field in record time, but the process itself is much easier.

Vincente Hernandez, the Lead Groundskeeper for Miracosta College Grounds Department paints a fuller picture on the challenges they had to face in the past when they painted the fields manually. He is delighted that his crew now has a robot to assist them, washing all those troubles away!

It’s labor intensive to do this. The stripe, the layout, measuring and laying out a field. With the robot, you can pretty much just put the coordinates in the tablet and pretty much the Turf Tank does all the work.

Vincente Hernandez, Lead Groundskeeper