Robot for American football pitch markings

Turf Tank One is our efficient solution for marking your American football pitch, without the need for a manual operator.
Focus on other important tasks while the robot marks the pitch.

3 hours

To mark an American football pitch

19 litres of paint

Cut your paint bills by 50%

2 minutes setup

Optimize your work

100% accuracy

Mark perfect lines - every time

Save time & money painting your American football pitches!

Marking an american football pitch has never been easier!

Ready for the game in just 4 steps:

  1. Set up the base station
  2. Add paint
  3. Choose your field layout
  4. Start!


Custom logos

Give your fans the ultimate sports experience. Spice up your fields with robot-created custom logos

American Football Pitch stencils

Hash marks

Forget about hash marks stencils! Save time with robot-created hash marks.

Football field numbers

Replace traditional football field numbers stencils with an autonomous line marking robot that draws the numbers faster!

Endzone letters

Easy solution to paint your team or event sponsors name without the need of endzone letters stencils.

Comparative line marking systems to paint a football field


Your Plan

Disk Space



Your Text

Your Text


manual line marking

20 hours

4 people

$330 labor 

25 gallons

$250 paint cost


one marking


Annual costs


3 hours

1 person

$50 labor 

10 gallons

$100 paint cost


one marking


ANNUAL costs

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