Whatever sport organization you are, a club, a high school or college, be it small or big, chances are there are many others organization like yours out there. So how can you make sure that you stand out from the crowd and be noticed by people? The answer is branding. Everybody goes for the traditional approach, with a logo, specific brand colors, clothes, and other merchandise. But what if you could do something more creative that would get your fans to identify with your team and help them feel like they are a part of it?

Scream out your brand’s personality with robot-created customized logos!

At Turf Tank we specifically designed our robot to draw customized text and logos, so you could show off your field not only for its perfectly straights lines but also for its cool creations!

Probably everybody in your organization wears a uniform that unites them under the same brand’s identity and separates them from other organizations. As Turf Tank can help you save time, money, and paint in line marking your fields it can be a valuable team player of your organization, so it should also get a uniform in tone with your organization’s apparel!

Create your unique Turf Tank with our wrapping customization solutions!


Sure, everybody loves branding, from high school and college sports teams to professional teams and stadiums. But you know who else loves branding? Sponsors.

Sports organizations are always looking for sponsors, this is not something new. But with so many organizations and teams out there, how can you make sure you will be the one that attracts the sponsorship? You have to offer them some cool opportunities to display their companies in a creative way.

And what could be a cooler branding opportunity than one of kind autonomous line marking robot, personalized with your sponsor’s colors and logos rolling around the field! Definitely an eye-catcher!

Generate money by drawing sponsors’ logos on the field with a customized wrapped robot!