We are facing challenging times and the COVID-19 situation forced us to learn to adapt our lifestyle in order to protect ourselves and the health of those around us. One major thing we can do to reduce the spread of the disease is to keep the distance from one another. And one great solution to do so in public spaces is to have social distancing areas drawn in the grass. Municipalities and parks around the world now have the possibility to draw these safe zones with the help of a robot!

Why use an autonomous line marking robot for social distancing areas?

Time reduction

Turf managers know that drawing social distancing areas manually could be a labor-intensive task, as it would be the case for manually drawing the lines of a sports fields. But there are other solutions so that this task could be done faster, easier and using less paint: a line marking robot that uses GPS technology to measure the field and autonomously draws the lines without the need for a manual operator.

The Turf Tank ONE robot is usually used to line all kinds of athletic fields: football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, baseball and many others, but with its recent update in can also line social distancing areas.

Check out our autonomous line marking robot: Turf Tank ONE 

Less effort

Parks are mowed frequently, so for large municipalities which have big green areas, it would be very inconvenient to measure the field and redraw the lines manually every two weeks. An autonomous line marking robot can do this job easier, with no effort. You just have to set it up, tell it how many areas you want, their size and location and the robot will go straight to the precise location and start drawing.

Check out how our Turf Tank robot drew social distancing circles to keep people safe at a public event in Denmark!

Protect the people in your community with social distancing areas drawn with Turf Tank autonomous line marking robot

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