turf tank one

Intelligent GPS paint robot


Finish a sport field 7x faster than traditional line marking.


Reduce the paint consumption by 50%.


Draw perfect lines - every time.


Complete other tasks, while the robot paints the fields.

“make your mark. no strings attached!”

Turf Tank ONE is an intelligent field painter robot designed to mark all types of sports fields easier, faster, and more efficiently.
Our technology eliminates the need for an operator while increasing precision and sustainability.

line marking solutions for everybody

We offer revolutionary line marking solutions for all types of organizations

line marker for all sports

The Turf Tank ONE is an intelligent GPS paint robot for all sports.
45 field types and more than 10,000 combinations, based on individual dimensions and needs.

Stenciling Features

Spice up your sport fields with robot-created letters, numbers or custom logos!

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Customers Testimonials

As soon as it started marking I was like “Wow, this is brilliant”. It’s very, very accurate and every time it goes out it is spot on, every time. It’s very simple to use and it saves us a hell of a lot of time: It gives us time to do any of the other jobs that we need to do, the machine can look after itself.
Nottingham Forest FC
I’ve been very pleased with how accurate it’s been. I mark eight football pitches for a league, and they get marked every week, and I’ve gone back in and overmarked them, and it hasn’t missed a beat. Each pitch takes 20 minutes, and the accuracy is always spot on.
Countrywide Grounds, United Kingdom
It’s a different way of line marking. We’re more efficient and more precise than before.
Silkeborg Municipality, Denmark
“It is great to see people being enthusiastic when they see the job done by the robot. It takes approximately 27 minutes to paint a football field and 40 minutes for a rugby field.”
Odense Muncipality, Denmark

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