Football Pitch Marker

Turf Tank One is our efficient solution for marking your football pitch, without the need for a manual operator.
Focus on other important tasks, while the robot is marking the pitch!

25 minutes

To mark a football pitch

4 litres paint

Cut your paint bills by 50%

100% accuracy

Perfect lines - every time

2 minutes setup

Optimize your work

Save time & money marking your football pitches!

Marking a FOOTBALL PITCH has never been easier!

Ready for the game in just 4 steps:

  1. Set up the base station
  2. Add paint
  3. Choose your field layout
  4. Start!


Spice up your pitches with robot-created custom logos. Help your fans identify with your team by marking your team’s logo or generate revenue marking your sponsor’s logo.

Comparative line marking systems to paint a football Pitch


Your Plan

Disk Space



Your Text

Your Text


manual line marking

2 hours

2 people

30 labor 

19 liters

40 paint cost


one marking


Annual costs


0,5 hours

1 person

€7 labor 

9,5 liters

20 paint cost


one marking


ANNUAL costs

Customers testimonials

As soon as it started marking I was like “Wow, this is brilliant”. It’s very, very accurate and every time it goes out it is spot on, every time. It’s very simple to use and it saves us a hell of a lot of time: It gives us time to do any of the other jobs that we need to do, the machine can look after itself.
Nottingham Forest FC


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