Line marking solutions for schools

For those in charge of line marking at a school, painting is just one of the many duties.
Turf Tank ONE is the line marking solution that can save you time so you can focus on other important tasks.

Minimal preparation

Line marking made easy. Set everything up in 10 minutes

Time saved

Solve other tasks while the robot paints the fields

Improved Field Management

The robot paints 7x faster than traditional line marking

Unlimited Layouts 

Paint all types of sports fields that are offered at your school

How it works

1. Set up the base station

Forget about pulling strings and pushing the line marker around the field. The base station uses advanced GPS technology which maps, and measures the fields to ensure a centimeter-level accuracy.






2. manage all fields and layouts on one screen

Use the intuitive mobile app to create plans for all your fields in just 10 minutes. Choose between football, soccer, lacrosse, and many more. Customize the fields to fit your particular needs.







The robot will drive straight to the starting point and begin painting. Due to its autonomous design, you can save time by completing other tasks while the robot paints the fields.







Turf Tank ONE can paint all the sports fields available at your school. Choose a sport to see more.



Draw social distancing circles for gym classes

The kids need now more than ever a safe place to practice sports. Keep your students healthy with social distancing circles drawn by the Turf Tank ONE robot.







See how the Turf Tank robot can help schools

“The machine marked out a full-size pitch in 25 minutes whereas it would take me at least double that just over marking an existing pitch. So, being able to save that time and go off and get other work done is a significant benefit.”
Finborough School, Suffolk, UK
A fantastic product and fantastic staff.
Instead of us being here at 11.30 at night before a game, we’re able to feed our kids supper, we’re able to send our coaches home to their families and increase their quality of life. Let them spend time with their own kids and wives. That is important to me as a leader of our program along with the head coaches of other programs in the school. We want to increase the quality of lives of our coaches while being efficient.
Jeff Davis High School

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