Line marking solutions for sPORTs CLUBS

One of the biggest challenges for a sports club is finding committed volunteers who can manage fields on a regular basis.
Turf Tank ONE is the line marking solution that can solve your low budget problems, time limitations, and a continuously changing volunteer base.

Limited Resources

No need to run for volunteers. Only one person is needed to set up the robot

Minimal Preparation

Create your setup in just 10 minutes and focus on other tasks

Reduced Paint Costs

Reduce your paint consumption by up to 50% 

Improved Field Management

Have all your fields painted 7x faster

How it works

1. Set up the base station

You don’t need a team of volunteers to tighten strings and do manual measurements. The base station uses advanced GPS technology which maps, and measures the fields to ensure a centimeter-level accuracy.






2. Choose Your Layout

Use the intuitive tab to select your field type and input the desired size of your pitch. Only one person is needed to do the app settings, which takes only 10 minutes.







The robot will drive straight to the starting point and begin painting. Due to its autonomous design, you can save time by completing other tasks while the robot paints the fields.






Choose your sport

Turf Tank ONE is designed to work for all types of sports fields

Branding & Sponsorship opportunities

Grow your team dedication and help your fans recognize you with your own robot-mascot wrapped in your organization’s colors.

Check out the one-of-a-kind Turf Tank robot at AGF, Denmark!


Our Turf Tank Basic subscription plan offers an affordable entry point for organizations that manage only one type of sport field.


Check out what other sports clubs say about Turf Tank

Simple, easy to use, impressed with how quickly we were able to get things up and going and get fields painted today.
Commonwealth Soccer Club, Kentucky

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