Intelligent One (ION)

Turf Tank is proud to present “Intelligent One” (ION), the world’s first robot for performing athletic field markings and other functions on various types of sports field complexes. Turf Tank’s strategic alliance partner, Intelligent Marking Ltd, holds patented technology that eliminates the need for an operator while increasing precision and sustainability.

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Field Marking Paint

Turf Tank is an official distributor for a nationally known paint manufacturer which produces several types of aerosol and bulk marking paints. All of Turf Tank’s provided paints are specifically formulated to be safe for the environment, the applicator, all varieties of natural grass and artificial synthetic turf surfaces.

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Field Stencils

Turf Tank has the capability of designing and manufacturing any type of athletic field stencil. From simple hash-mark and individual letter stencils to more complex midfield and end-zone logos and mascots. We can consult, design, recommend, proof and cut any size, shape stencil.

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Field Equipment

Turf Tank offers and stocks a whole array of different sizes and kinds of athletic field equipment and accessories.

Please contact Turf Tank with your requirements and we will be able to focus on exactly what you need and provide you with a very competitive written quote for any of these sports:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey
  • Track & Field
  • Golf

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