Field Stencils

Turf Tank has the capability of designing and manufacturing any type of athletic field stencil. From simple hash-mark and individual letter stencils to more complex midfield and end-zone logos and mascots. We can consult, design, recommend, proof and cut any size, shape stencil.

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Football Field Plastic Hash Mark Stencil: Made from 1/8 inch solid plastic hash mark stencil for painting hash marks on football fields. Remember to check out our Turf Tank ION GPS robot that can paint your hash marks for you automatically every time!




Football Field Aluminum Hash Mark Stencil: Made from sturdy strong aluminum, yet easy to use and maneuver hash-mark stencil for football fields. Remember to check out our Turf Tank ION GPS robot that can paint your hash marks for you automatically every time!




Media Lines Aluminum Sled: Specially designed stencil-template crafted from durable, tough yet light aluminum. A must tool for athletic fields grounds crew to guide and assist them to paint perfect professional looking crisp media box 3 foot dash lines. Eliminate the frustrations of jagged edge lines and / or crooked lines. Designed for ease of assembly and ease of use.



Football Field Number Stencil Kit: Purchase your stencil kit from us to help paint yardage numbers on the field. We will send you 0,1,2,3,4,5,G, directional arrow, stencil kit made from 1/16 inch or 1/8 inch solid plastic. Available in 4 foot or 8 foot tall size options.




Football Field Mid Field Logo Stencil: Want to paint your College or High School Mid-field logo or mascot, Inter-locking initials, alphabets with special fonts, custom image, helmet logo, sponsor logo, custom logo, event name. bowl name, bowl sponsor name, multicolor multidimensional artwork, anything, just let our stencil graphic know, we can provide you a durable, re-usable stencil to help you easily paint that on your field.



Football Field Endzone Stencil: Easily paint college, high school names or initials, team names or initials, event sponsor names, using our custom cut one piece custom cut plastic stencils. Our graphics department can match any font, type set, logo, mascot or image. First we send you a mock drawing to see how exactly it will look on a football field, once approved, we do the rest.



Soccer Field Corner Arc Stencil: Made from 1/8 inch solid plastic is a convenient tool to easily spray soccer corner arcs consistently an accurately. Professional Soccer Field Striping crews and volunteer striping crews can make use of this well designed stencil to consistently and accurately paint soccer corner kick arcs. Stencils are light weight for easy maneuverability, easy to store yet durable enough for years of service.



Parking Lot Mascot Stencils: Made from 1/8 inch solid plastic, we can custom cut any HS or college name, initials, image, drawing, sign or mascot stencil to paint on asphalt or concrete. Need to show your team spirit, our graphic design-custom stencil cutting department can help. Just let us know what your requirements are Team name, Team Logo, Team Initials, Mascot, Letters, Event Name, Tournament name, Custom Image on any substrate.

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