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Return On Investment Calculator For Labor Productivity


Our Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator for Labor Productivity will assist your organization in understanding the increase in utilization on an annual basis either for paid or even volunteer staff. This ROI increases your current labor dollars towards other higher priority activities, tasks and projects. You can use this ROI Calculator based on a per sports field basis or as an overall overall average for your multi-sport offerings.

Break-even Point

Your organization’s break-even point between the robot and your current labor utilization is determined when both costs are equal and the percentage below is at 100%. For the purpose of a baseline, we are calculating the average annual amortized cost for the robot at $7,000 – either through a lease or outright purchase. When your ROI for Labor Productivity is greater than 100%, then you are being more productive with your current labor dollars without the robot.

Turf Tank and Intelligent Marking guarantees that the world’s first GPS paint robot will provide more value to your organization’s current labor force staff in terms of productivity!

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