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Contract Line Marking Services

Turf Tank’s Contract Line Marking Network is a growing group of participating and certified customers, field staff and distributors who can provide your organization with an initial, reoccuring or special event line marking service package. Limited availability is based on your market area and request.

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By outsourcing your line marking needs to Turf Tank, you’ll receive the benefits of reducing the headache of line marking and utilizing our extensive experience and industry best practices. We heavily invest in the training of our network to provide the very best appearance for your facility while minimizing your carbon footprint, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction with every project.

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Initial (1x) Line Marking Pricing Estimates:

$649 Each American Football Game Field

$299 Each American Football Practice Field

$199 Each Full Size Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Rugby Field

$ 99  Each Youth Size Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Rugby Field

$ 99  Each Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Baseball or Softball Field

*Includes Paint & Travel Costs Equal To 100 Mile Round Trip Maximum Per Day

Sports Campus Package Estimate:

$4,999 Annual 12-Month Package

(Most Common for High Schools and Small Colleges)

  • Pricing Estimate Includes:
    • Six Maximum Campus Visits Throughout Year
    • One Initial Marking Application Each Pre-Season Sports Field
    • Two Overmarking Applications Each In-Season Sports Field
    • 180 Gallon Mixed Paint Maximum
    • 100 Mile Round Trip Maximum Per Visit

Tournament or Special Event Package:

(Most Common for Non-Profit Sports Club Organizations)


  • Pricing Estimate Includes:
    • Two Complete Days (16 Hours) Setup and Labor
    • 60 Gallon Mixed Paint Maximum
    • 100 Mile Round Trip Maximum + 1 Hotel Night

Custom Stencil Services

Turf Tank provides custom stencil services of any size, no matter how complex. Easily paint college/high school names or initials, event sponsor names using any font type, logo, mascot or image. Please feel free to contact Turf Tank today and learn more about our custom stencil services for your organization.

Stencils come traced out on a durable, fold-able piece of 8 mils thick plastic. Once your package is received, just open the box and unfold the stencil. Lay it out on where you want to paint the logo and from there it becomes self explanatory. Enclosed with the stencil is a printout of a mock drawing on how the finished logo should look like. Fill in / paint the outline cut-out dots on the plastic. Lift the plastic stencil and then connect the dots and fill in the paint.

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16′ Block Letters:  $199 Each Letter

18′ Block Letters:  $229 Each Letter

20′ Block Letters:  $249 Each Letter

25′ Block Letters:  $299 Each Letter


FIELD NUMBERS (0,1,2,3,4,5,G & Arrow)

6′ Number Kit: $599 Per Set


MIDFIELD LOGO (Upload File In Quote Link)

Prices vary by size

Creative Consulting Services

Turf Tank provides creative consulting services for organizations who need assistance in generating sponsorship dollars for building or maintaining high quality sports field facilities. High quality costs time, money, volunteer resources and community support and our creative consulting team has the proven expertise to deliver success!

Turf Tank can help in multiple ways, such as supplying our robot that remedies a field maintenance headache, recommending best quality sports field products, creating long-term sponsorship opportunities, or even assisting or managing large capital projects like synthetic turf installation. Contact Turf Tank today and learn more.

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