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Our desire at Turf Tank is to provide your sports organization with the ultimate team and fan experience. We understand that type of result costs time, money, volunteer resources and community support. Our Creative Consulting team has the proven expertise to help your organization discover innovative ways to achieve success.

Turf Tank can help you in multiple ways, whether it is supplying an affordable robot that revolutionizes a field maintenance headache, finding the best quality field and facilities products, creating long-term revenue opportunities, or even managing large capital projects like synthetic turf installation.


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Turf Tank works with schools who need revenue for artificial turf installation, maintenance or other sports facility needs. Turf Tank manages the process of securing business sponsors for on-field advertisements, and then oversees the process of making those revenue streams become a reality.

Turf Tank’s creative consulting service offers potential advertisers real estate on the field, called “legacy logos” – typically on the sideline outside of the designated area for coaches and players (inside the 30-yard-lines).

Our most popular creative consulting service is where a Turf Tank project manager is hired to spend up to six weeks securing revenue on behalf of the school in the local community, with the goal of raising needed funds and offsetting the long-term maintenance or replacement costs.

Turf Tank charges an engagement fee, expenses and an agreed-upon percentage of total dollars raised through their services. Additionally, Turf Tank offers schools with natural grass an integrated, self-guided program to sell on-field advertising. In those instances, a project manager may or may not need to be on-site. Turf Tank will coordinate the design and installation of legacy logos for either synthetic turf or natural grass fields with each school.

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