Darlington School, Rome, GA is a private boarding school with a tradition of over 100 years old. Apart from preparing students for college opportunities, the school offers a rich athletic program meant to help them train their talents and reach their full potential. The school has the Turf Tank One robot for more than two years now and it’s been a valuable addition to their staff, helping them paint their athletic fields: soccer, football, lacrosse, softball, baseball.

Kevin Allen, Grounds Manager explained that in the past they used to paint their fields manually. The task required two people and about 6 hours to complete a field: stringing the line, mixing the paint, and walking behind the liner. Now, the robot helps the school be more efficient and paints the fields much faster.

“Where it used to take two people anywhere from 32 hours a week of painting,
it’s been reduced now with the Turf Tank to only 20 hours.”

In the beginning, Kevin was concerned about how much technological knowledge the operation of the robot would require. But after the initial training with the Turf Tank team, he was confident and ready to run the robot in just a week. He is happy that the support team is always on the other end of the phone to help with guidance when the need arises.

“The customer service has been so friendly, so helpful, so responsive,
helping us get things done on a short time notice.”

“If we have a game in the afternoon and I am on the phone with one of the support staff, they help me get through and get the fields painted in time for the game.“

The parents, the students, the faculty, the coaches when they see the robot painting the fields, they are amazed!

“The cost savings over a year are tremendous!”