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Turf Tank, based in Atlanta GA and founded by Jason Aldridge in 2016, has a joint venture with¬†Intelligent Marking (“IMR”), that is revolutionizing the sports field line-marking industry through proprietary software and patented hardware innovation. Check out pictures, posts and videos on Twitter and YouTube.

Turf Tank sells and supports the Intelligent One (“ION”) GPS paint robot to any size sports related organization, from local non-profit youth clubs to large professional sports teams nationwide and everything else in between. If your organization would like to save time, reduce paint costs and maximize labor productivity – Turf Tank’s ION is the solution for you. As we like to say, “Make your Mark. No Strings Attached!”

Originally developed and sold in Denmark for soccer, the world’s most innovative sports field robot ever is now being used by coaches, volunteers & turf professionals for soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, baseball, softball and even running tracks! The robot and sports field templates are controlled through an easy-to-use tablet that is supported by our world-class customer relationship management team.

If you would like more information, please contact us via email at sales@turftank.com or by phone at 877-396-4094.

Executive Leadership Team

Jason Aldridge
Turf Tank
Mercer West
Chief Operating Officer
Turf Tank
Reese Gallagher
Chief Product Officer
Turf Tank
Bryan McKinney
VP - Sales
Turf Tank
Herman Irani
US Specialty Coatings Inc.
Anders Sorensen
Intelligent Marking Ltd.

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