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Ten Reasons You Should Subscribe To A Robot Today

  1. Acquire Leading GPS Line Marking Solution
  2. Reduce Current Paint Expense By 50% Or More
  3. Maximize Overall Labor Productivity
  4. Experience Immediate Return On Investment
  5. Utilize Existing Operational Net Saving Dollars
  6. Avoid Complex Financing Or Bidding Process
  7. Receive Premium Customer Care & Warranty
  8. Mark Fields w/ 200 Gallons Of Included Paint
  9. Earn Paint Credits And Fame With Referrals
  10. Reserve Right To Purchase Or Cancel Anytime

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Annual Robot Subscription

Our Annual (12-Month) Robot Subscription includes all hardware and software components needed for the Intelligent One Robot to operate correctly. This rental agreement will be automatically renewed up to a maximum of 6-years at the same guaranteed price for the customer.
Included with this annual subscription is our Premium Customer Care Plan which includes Turf Tank’s world-class technical support, reconditioning program, complete hardware warranty and ongoing software updates.
Customer may request an outright purchase quote at any time that will based on customer rental history.
Added Bonus: Each Subscription Receives 1 FREE Pallet of Certified White Concentrate Annually!
Customer Care Protection Plan includes:
  • Premium Customer Support via Phone, Email and Online Platforms
  • Replacement for consumable parts such as hoses, nozzles, caps, seals, filters and wheel bushings
  • Full warranty protection on all hardware components for robot and base station
  • Ongoing software enhancements and route plan updates
Quarterly (3-Month) Or Semi-Annual (6-Month) Payment Plans Available!

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