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How big is a football field?

A football field is 120 yards long, measured from the back of one endzone to the back of the other endzone and 53.3 yards wide. The dimension of the entire surface of the football field is 57,600 square feet, or the equivalent of 1.32 acres.

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Football is the most popular sport in America. Knowing the dimensions of the football field is essential for both players and coaches, because they determine where the players can line up and how much space they have to move the ball down the field, but also for the fans to be able to understand what is happening on the field and fully enjoy the game.

Full football field dimensions

What are the dimensions of a football field?

The American football field is a rectangle made up of grass, or in some cases, artificial turf. The dimensions of the football field are 120 yards in length and 53.3 yards in width. This size is measured from the back of one endzone to the back of the other endzone. However, the field of play, covering the area between the two opposing end zones, is 100 yards.

These are the standard dimensions of a football field at any level of play. The only variable that changes is the distance between the hash marks and sidelines.

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Dimensions of endzones

The endzones are the areas at either end of the football field where the team scores points by either crossing into them with the ball or kicking the ball through the uprights. The dimensions of each endzone are 10 yards deep and extend the width of the field from 100 yards to 120 yards.

Dimensions of end lines

The sidelines on a football field run the length of the field and they play an important role in the game of football. They define the playing area and keep the players within bounds.

The sidelines are 6 feet wide and 120 yards long.

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Dimensions of sidelines

The end lines mark the boundaries of the playing field, and they are located at each end of the field. The end lines run across the entire width of the field from sideline to sideline and measure 53.3 yards in length and 6 feet in width.

On each end line, there is the goal post, and as such the primary role of the end lines is to indicate when a team has scored a touchdown.

Football field with sideline dimensions highlighted in blue

Dimensions of goal lines

The goal lines are located in front of each end zone. They extend from one sideline to the other and are placed 10 yards from and parallel to the end lines, measuring 53.3 yds. The role of the goal line is to indicate where a team must score to earn points.

football goal line dimensions

Dimensions of yard lines

The football field is divided into 98 yard lines, each marking one yard. The yard lines start at each end zone and extend all the way across the field.

Field numbers are placed every 10 yards, starting from 10 and increasing up to 50 in the middle of the field, then decreasing to 10 approaching the opposing goal lines. Finally, at midfield, there is a 50-yard line, which is used to divide the field in half.

The yard lines indicate each team’s progress towards their opponent’s end zone and help to determine whether a play results in a first down.