Paint the fields in your city easier than ever

Turf Tank ONE is the line marking solution that can solve your time and resources limitations,
so you can focus on other duties and keep the citizens in your community safe.

Save time

With a robot helping you paint the fields, you don’t need to waste hours pulling the strings and pushing the line marker. Paint 7x faster than manual methods.

Save paint

Cities all around the world are saving up to 50% paint when marking their fields with Turf Tank.

Line marking easier than ever

  • Only 2 minutes to set up
  • Control everything with one screen

Optimize your time!

While the robot is painting, you could be mowing, weeding, fertilizing, watering, repairing, resting, doing whatever you want!

Improve your work conditions

No more wasted hours during hot weather or cold winters. Stay in the shade or warm yourself, while the robot takes care of the lines!



Paint perfect lines – every time




Turf Tank ONE is designed to work for all types of sports fields

Social distancing circles for public events

Keep the people in your community safe during public events with robot-created social distancing circles.







Use the green space to paint parking lots for your events attendees.





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