The Turf Tank Tablet is the hub where you control the robot and all aspects of the line marking process.

Easy line marking

Control the line marking process on one screen

User friendly design

The intuitive menu easily guides you to set up the robot.

No strings attached

Forget about manual measurements

Setup in 10 minutes

Input the details about your fields and everything is set

Turf Tank Line marking tablet: Tab: Choose sport

1. Choose field type

Choose the sport field layout suitable for you. American Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, and many more.

2. Set the dimensions

No more strings and manual measurements. Just type in the specific sizes for your field and customize them according to your needs.

Turf Tank Line marking tablet: Tab: Choose sport

3. Start!

Push the start button and the robot will drive directly to the starting point and begin painting. Now you can go ahead and finish your other tasks, while the robot paints the fields.

Save the layout for overmarking

Overmarking is even easier. Save the setup from the initial marking and reuse it for future overmarkings. The tablet will remember the size, layout and locations to ensure 100% accuracy.

Create multiple fields

Manage all your fields in the same place. Instruct the robot to paint all the fields at your site, while you can focus on other tasks.

Turf Tank Line marking tablet: Tab: multiple sports

Copy, move, rotate

Once you did the initial setup, you can reuse the same layout for other fields at your location. Copy the template, move it and rotate it to fit the new space.


Create layouts for different purposes: social distancing circles, letters, numbers and logo stencils.

Turf Tank Line marking tablet: Tab: customize