Intelligent Marking’s Unrivalled Accuracy At SALTEX

Intelligent Marking’s Unrivalled Accuracy At SALTEX: Intelligent Marking will be exhibiting the industry-leading Intelligent One (IO) robotic line marker on stand G085 at SALTEX 2019.

The IO is the leading robotic line marker in the industry for accuracy, labour saving and productivity. Intelligent Marking is the only company to provide a base station with their robot which ensures a line accuracy of +/-1cm.  The IM robot will overmark lines with supreme precision and mark out new pitches with ease.

By utilising a high accuracy GPS system, the Intelligent One can be used anywhere with unprecedented reliability, while matching the marking speed of any robotic line marker available. It is not reliant on a cellular network as operated by other robots and so does not incur expensive annual contract charges.

The Intelligent One can mark an 11-a-side football pitch from scratch in just 20-25 minutes. The robot can also line for rugby, hockey, athletics and any other chosen sport in a similar time. It will mark out a 400m running track in under two hours with numerous templates for other track and field events available.

Bespoke templates are simple to load and can be easily changed in seconds to suit your site.  Once saved, it is then available at the touch of a button to be overmarked time and time again. The robot is stable on every natural and artificial surface and can work continuously due to interchangeable batteries. The machine is economical to use and the amount of paint can be controlled depending on the preferred nozzle size.

IM recommend their own brand of paint; ProStripe to deliver excellent professional standard lines, every time.

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