Turf Tank make Robotic Line-Marking affordable

picture of 16 factory new turf tank robots

Makers of the world’s most accurate GPS line marking robot, Turf Tank, has announced  new affordable subscription options for the United Kingdom.

The new subscription packages aim to make robotic line marking affordable for all, take the customer experience to an entirely new level and allow users to benefit from an instant return on investment. The benefits of a subscription include unlimited software updates, access to a world-class support team, limited product warranty and an annual supply of paint.

Lettering and number stencilling, plus all the accessories for operating the robot including the tablet and nozzles come as standard, and customers can choose from three different subscriptions for a package that best suits their needs.

Offering the robot in this way has proved very successful in the USA, and Turf Tank CEO, Olav Jørgensen, hopes providing the same opportunity in the UK will open the Turf Tank One up to more grounds professionals and contractors.

“With positive feedback from our US customers, we are now ready to focus more on the European market and introduce our subscription choice to sports facilities all over the UK.

Olav Jørgensen, CEO Turf Tank

“Our generous leasing options are suitable for organisations of all types and sizes. We offer services for small clubs with one sports field to more complex packages for schools, universities, parks and recreation, pro teams and stadiums, which include annual paint supply, 24/7 customer support, logo creation and unique robot wrapping solutions.”

The return on investment using the Turf Tank One can be seen almost instantly with a significant amount of time saved when marking and less paint needed to complete pitches. Marking an 11-a-side football pitch from scratch takes just 29-minutes and 45 seconds, while overmarking takes no more than 12 minutes. Larger templates such as a 400m running track can be completed in 1 hour 45 minutes with numerous other fully customisable templates available for track and field events and other sports such as rugby, hockey, American football and lacrosse. By having access to Turf Tank’s support team, any template you need can quickly be created, so you’re able to mark out on any site for any sport.

For more information on the Turf Tank One subscription packages or to have a demonstration contact alex@turftank.co.uk (southern UK) or matt@turftank.co.uk (northern UK).

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