TurfWorks Green Grass - Paint Colorants


Turf Tank works with one of the nation’s leading organizations that formulates and manufactures several types of green grass dyes, green paints, turf colorants and green turf pigments. Super concentrates that color all varieties of natural grass instantly green. Turn dormant, brown, dead grass to a natural looking, lush green. Formulated in several grades and shades of green to beautify golf courses and any athletic natural grass fields.

TURFWORKS GrassPigment – 
Extremely concentrated Organic Green Pigment to beautify natural turf grass. Turn brown, dormant, unhealthy grass to a lush healthy green color. GrassPigments are water based, concentrated, cover a vast area with a small quantity, easy to use, safe, look natural and will not turn blue. Available in several shades of green. Use on golf course Tee boxes, fairways and putting greens. Use only 10 – 19 ounces per acre depending on the nature of application.



TurfWorks PaintDye – Extremely concentrated Colorant turf dye paint to beautify natural grass, natural turf. Turn brown, dormant, unhealthy grass to a lush healthy green color. TurfWorks is water based, easy to use, extremely durable, safe, turf dye that looks natural and will not turn blue. Available in several shades of green. Use on golf course Tee box, fairways and putting greens, Color dormant brown grass on Football, Soccer, Lacrosse athletic field to lush natural looking healthy grass color.


TurfWorks Aerosol – Aerosol colorant dye paint to beautify natural grass, natural turf. Turn brown, dormant, unhealthy grass to a lush looking healthy green color. Easy to use, no set up, no clean up. Durable, waterproof, safe, looks natural. Easily cover up pet pee spots, dead bald spots on home lawns yards grass. Repair fertilizer mistakes, spilled hydraulic fluid spots, sprinkler head repair spots on golf courses, football soccer baseball athletic grass fields.

Direct to Metal Paint

Specifically formulated and manufactured by USSC at its production facility in Atlanta GA, DirectToMetal is a proprietary, high performance direct to metal coating. Being water-based it is safe for the user and the environment. DTM has very low odor. Clean-up is achieved with water rather than harmful and smelly solvents. It a tough, abrasion resistant, extremely water and weather resistant coating. It dries and cures fast to form a very strong bond with all varieties of substrates including metals, galvanized metals, steel, iron, primed metals, properly prepared substrates, including old painted surfaces-structures.

  • Top quality, specially formulated 100% Acrylic Water-based, versatile, high performance coating.
  • Dries and cures fast to form a extremely DURABLE, STRONG, WATER & WEATHER RESISTANT COATING.
  • Coverage 350-400 sq. ft / gallon. Dry to touch in 30 minutes. Re-coat in 2 hrs.
  • Can be applied on primed or properly prepared metal structures.
  • Works great even on concrete, masonry, brick, pavement, stone.
  • Extremely Good Quality Paint with Superior Hiding, Brightness and Durability.
  • Can be applied with roller, brush, and all conventional and airless spray equipment.
  • Available in White, std. Colors, custom colors. Can be tinted with universal colorants.

Removable Temporary Paints

Turf Tank works with it’s manufacturer to formulate a whole range of bulk and aerosol Temporary-Removable paints.

STRIPE-X – Water based bulk ( packaged in 5 gallons ) removable paint. This product is NOT manufactured from conventional latex resin that is used for wall paints, but a specially engineered resin that dissolves when a specially formulated safe water-based STRIPE-X remover is applied. Use as removable paint for synthetic field turf athletic field lines and logos, temporary removable road highway line marking paints, temporary paints in construction zones, removable or erasable automotive paints, and many other applications. Available in White and over 20 in stock colors.

SPRAY-CHALK – Unique aerosol spray product that is temporary and removable. It is sprayed as conventional aerosol paint, however it can be easily removed, erased by just agitation with a broom or can be washed off with soap and water. It is also formulated to fade off on its own in a few weeks.

STRIPWORKS – packaged in convenient to use aerosol cans that can be used with a 4 wheel aerosol can spray machine Paint to remove, strip, washoff unwanted paint from synthetic turf.

DSR – Paint remover, paint cleaner, stain remover, deodorizer for synthetic field turf made from natural occurring orange smelling solvent.

PAINTOFF – Safe, water based paint remover to strip, clean, wash off removable or unwanted permanent paint from synthetic artificial field turf.

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